10 Terrifying Facts About Spiders

10 Terrifying Facts About Spiders

Hiding in Ears In 2012 a spider lived in a Chinese woman’s
ear canal for 5 days. It crawled in while she slept, only leaving
when doctors poured saline down the ear. 09.
Hiding in Food. In 2011 100s of baby spiders burst from a
banana being eaten by British woman Consi Taylor.
The Brazilian Wondering Spiders’ bite can cause death by asphyxiation. 08.
Flying Spiders Gossamer spiders spin silk strands which carry
them through the air. They travel long distances in the air- surviving 25 days without food. 07. Spiders Liquify Prey
Spiders paralyse victims before injecting digestive juices whig liquify internal organs.
They then suck out the liquid, leaving a hollow body behind. 06.
Deadly Venom The bite of the Australian Funnel Web Spider
is strong enough to pierce shoes. Its venom has killed children in 15 minutes 05.
Spiders in the Sky In 2013 thousands of spiders covered the skies
of Santo Antonio de Plantina, Brazil. They travelled across a huge web woven between
telephone pole wires. 04.
Spiders Chase Humans Related to spiders, the Camel Spider will
chase people as they run away. In reality they are chasing the shadows of
running humans to use for shade. 03.
Venom Causes Erections The bite of the Brazilian Wondering Spider
causes a 4 hour erection. Its venom is being studied in the hope of
treating erectile dysfunction. 02.
Shooting Hair If scared tarantulas use their legs to fire
barbed hairs at perceived threats. In 2010 a spider nearly blinded a UK man when
the hairs embedded into his corneas. 01.
Venom Melts Skin The venom poison of the Brown Recluse spider
effectively melts flesh In 2010 a US woman partially lost an ear & was
nearly blinded after being bitten.

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  1. Trantulas (I can't spell it) throw hair of its adbome (spelling again) not legs adbome is the spider's butt

  2. I'm more afraid of a mosquito coming from Magic Johnsons house biting me than I am of spiders biting me.

  3. I'm brutally good at math. Physics is applied math, and outerspace is astrophysics. I can major in that, become an astronaut, go to mars, and escape the nopes.

  4. On the number four one, the reason why camel spiders follow you is because they try to avoid the sun by hiding behind people's shadows.
    Yes, Sydney funnel web spiders are very dangerous because of their fangs their fangs are as sharp are as knives, that is why their fangs can cut through shoes.

  5. Thanks for sharing.  The largest spider in the world is a species of tarantula found in South America where one specimen had a leg span of over 11 inches.

  6. You do know that only male funnel web spiders attack people the females spend almost their entire life in their burough and the males only attack people when they are provoked while looking for a mate. How would you like it if you are just sitting there minding your own buisness and then out of nowhere a giant foot goes into your hidding place you would probablyy try to defend your self by attacking it right? If you were a spider you would have no idea that you were hiding in someones shoe. while it is true that funnel web spiders are very aggresive and have attacked people just because,but it is realitively rare and the spider usualy only attacks when you mess with it. So let this be a message to all of you curious little kids who like to poke at creatures that they find in your back yard, if you come across one of these guys or any other creature if you leave it alone it most likely will not bite you

  7. I'm not scared of spiders at little bit.
    Spiders are awesome, even the Australian funnel web spider.

  8. Cool stuff and the rest tomorrow night and day out of my favorite part is the most important thing is that you can get a chance to see if you can send you a photo shoot me your email and any files attached is my favorite part was that it is a good idea.

  9. Thanks for sharing.  Spiders don't get caught in their own webs because they have self-oiling legs.

  10. i already was scared of spiders even before watching this! i don't want to eat another bento as long as that stupid arachnid is still there, and even if it got out i would have to throw it away!

  11. if those fucks weren't scary enough they can now fly. fuck u out-side world. my worst fear is a spider fucking falling on me out of fucking no-where

  12. I like small spiders but a have phobia on the big ones. Im moving to Greenland bye guys!
    ( LOL) hope i don't get eaten by a polar bear lol

  13. This is not that scary, most of this is obvious, some of these actions are by accident, THE CAMEL SPIDER ONLY CHASES HUMANS FOR SHADE, AND ONLY, I SAY ONLY A FEW SPIDERS CAUSE ERECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😫😫😫😫😫


  14. Here you go spiders, I have a fact for you. I've killed dozens of you, and all of you can be crushed under my foot. Sleep tight spiders.

  15. First off…FUCK BRAZIL AND AUSTRALIA!!! ANYONE WHO LIVES THERE IS FUCKING CRAZY WITH THOSE FREAKING GIANT EIGHT LEGGED MONSTERS AROUND!!! And second, the venom of a brown recluse isn't what causes the flesh to "melt". It's actually a form of fungus/virus that grows on their fangs. It causes Necrotizing Fasciitis, which means it literally rots away the flesh.

  16. The picture that you showed for the Brazilian wandering spider is not a Brazilian wandering spider.

  17. so… um… i used to like spiders but ever since what happened today.. i don't think im gonna go to sleep.
    so here's what happened:
    i was just gonna go to bed.. as i put my head on the pillow i was closing my eyes… i saw something i had no idea what it was so i quickly opened my eyes and saw a freaking spider moving on my pillow right next to my eye…
    and i have no idea where it came from…. it was probably the scariest thing i have ever seen in my entire life.

  18. This is just making spider seem like man killing machines and that's farther then the truth their are deadly spider but spider only attack when they feel threatened and most spider don't even use their venom when defending themselves Spiders are beautiful and play a very important role in our world

  19. only the new born babies can glide in the wind. its an evolutionary benifit to help them travel great distances in a short time. to many babies trapped in closed in area would lead to caniblism for that areas eco-system. So they needed this adaptation for the good of every one

  20. these mother fuckers swim run fast climb and now I'm learning these niggas fly man fuck these niggas I'm out

    2:56 maybe they ain't that bad

  21. Solpugids are arachnids, but they are not spiders. Just a friendly reminder. Also, fact #11 : the majority of spiders aren't deadly. The big ones are often the least dangerous, actually.

  22. I'm Doing Homework And Subject Is Find As Much Facts About Spiders As You Can

    Should I Include The Erection Just In Case ?

  23. 'Pierce shoes'? Well, shit, I ain't squishing one'a them viä feet, no-more…See why they like foot wear.

  24. this video is really misleading as spiders are amazing creator's ok im not overly fond of them but just think how over run by bugs wed be without them

  25. “The example of those who take allies other than Allah is like that of the spider who takes a home. And indeed, the weakest of homes is the home of the spider, if they only knew.”
    Quran: Ankabut 41

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