10 Mysterious Giant Creatures Caught on Tape

10 Mysterious Giant Creatures Caught on Tape

Some of the creatures on this list have been
well-identified for years, while others remain a mystery. Try to imagine how you would react if somehow
you found yourself face-to-face with each of these giants. Or better yet, how you would survive. CHILLS 10. “Louis Checks the Mail”: Louis Comacho
is getting his mail one sunny day when he suddenly stops and looks around. It’s hard to describe, but somehow his surroundings
feel different and mysterious. He soon locates the source of his bad feeling
after getting onto his hands and knees and peering into the sewer grate. This is what he sees down a long tunnel . . . A giant alligator looks back at him, its mouth
wide open. It lets out a ferocious hiss as a warning
sign not to come any closer. The two of them hold eye contact and then
Louis quickly backs away to call the authorities. The alligator was removed shortly thereafter,
but Louis will never forget how close he came to having to fight for his survival. It would have been a struggle that he probably
would not have won. One more thing. Look closely at the tape and you’ll see
a small green ball resting by the alligator. I can’t help but wonder if, moments before
this recording, a small child or dog went to retrieve the ball and saw that same thing
that Louis did. 9. “The Curious Blob”: This footage, taken
from a British oil rig, looks fairly normal until a massive monster slowly rises from
the depths of the sea. Its shimmering shapeless body is both mysterious
and mesmerizing as it glides across the ocean with a silky stride. The camera person excitedly pans around to
keep the beast in their sites, unable to believe what they are witnessing. The formless monster hangs around the rig
for a while before losing interest and moving on. When this video first surfaced, most people
thought that it had to be part of a whale, but that theory proved incorrect. Scientists said that part of the whale was
too nutritious to float around the ocean for very long and that it would be eaten almost
immediately. They were eventually able to identify the
creature as a giant jellyfish called the Deepstaria recticulum. 8. “The Largest Gator Ever”: Imagine being
on a nature preserve and seeing this scaly monstrosity walk directly
in front of your path. That’s exactly what happened to the visitors
of the Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County, Florida. Fortunately for them, the alligator seemed
to be more concerned with finding water than finding food. The largest Florida alligator on record is
a little over 14 feet long, but wildlife resource officials believe that the alligator in this
video could be even larger . . . the only problem is that they are too afraid to get
an official measurement, and I honestly can’t say that I blame them. 7. “Leviathan Hears a Giant”: A YouTuber
named Leviathan is on a hiking trip when he hears strange noises in the distance. Just when he seriously suspects that he’s
not alone in the woods, a series of large footprints confirms his suspicions. He now fears for his safety and has already
decided to leave when he hears the same noise again, much closer now than before. The predatory call encourages him to make
a quick retreat back to civilization. Leviathan still has no idea what was making
this noise, or exactly how large it was. 6. “The Slimy Find”: These gigantic slimy
mollusks [“mol-lusks”] are hunted in the Philippines for their strange shells, which
resemble an elephant’s tusk and sell for around two-hundred dollars apiece. Scientists have been finding their hollowed
out shells for years, but only recently did they get their hands on an actual specimen
for further study. When they cracked open its shell for a closer
look, this is what came slithering out. The five-foot long creature flops out of its
casing and stinks up the room. It was found in a sulfur-rich mud pool, where
it had been feasting on putrid bacteria for years. Who knows what else researchers will find
at that location. 5. “The Construction Worker Discovery”: Construction
workers in Brazil were performing a demolition job when they came across the flattened remains
of a 33-foot anaconda. If you want to get a better feel for how gigantic
this snake is, just count how many seconds it takes them to film the reptile’s entire
body. Not much more information about this story
is available, but then again, not much more information is required. This is a gigantic snake that, given the opportunity,
would have little problem squeezing your ribs until they cracked and making you its next
meal. 4. “Stalked and Eaten”: If you ever travel
to the Indonesian [“In-dough-kne-shin”] islands, be on the lookout for these 150 pound
human hunting lizards. The Komodo [“Co-moe-dough”] dragon has
a never-ending appetite that allows them to eat up to 120 pounds in a single meal. In other words, they can eat something that’s
80 percent of their own body weight without much of a problem. They will even eat humans if they become desperate
enough for food, which is surprisingly often. They’ve been known to ambush stray tourists
on trails and have even gone after entire villages. In 2007, for example, an eight-year old boy
was hunted by a Komodo Dragon. He did not survive. Other famous incidents include a Komodo Dragon
who ate the top off of person’s foot while they were visiting the Los Angeles Zoo. 3. “The Sky Creature”: This footage was reportedly
taken on a flight somewhere over Zambia [“Zam-be-a”]. A person is casually recording out their window
when a giant humanoid creature starts to materialize in the distance. The creature seems to keep pace and ride alongside
them for a moment before disengaging and twisting away. The obvious answer to this is CGI. If it’s not CGI, however, then what this
creature could be is anyone’s guess. 2. “The Beijing [“Bay-jing”] Sighting”:
This footage supposedly comes from the capital of China, where a massive slow-moving creature
makes its way across the polluted city landscape. It’s hard to tell how many legs the giant
creature has, or what it’s overall intentions are. It doesn’t seem to be that aggressive, but
the ground shakes under its gigantic steps, and army helicopters circle above, obviously
ready. According to the uploader, this footage was
suppressed by the Chinese government, who has a tight grip on all forms of news and
social media. This could very likely be CGI, but if it’s
real, then there is no information as to how this situation was ultimately resolved. Before we get to number 1, if you’ve ever
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of this video says that this sighting happened on the Barbados Islands sometime in 2017. A huge humanoid is stomping off in the horizon,
its footsteps echoing throughout the tropical night scenery. The creature appears to have four long limbs
and a gigantic bushy upper body that is completely covered in either some kind of fur or else
some kind of plant growth, possibly leaves or mold. It lets out a huge bellowing roar as it makes
its way across the island. In the unlikely case this is not CGI, then
what you are witnessing is definitely a modern day giant or some sort, though its true origins
may never be fully understood. Thanks for checking out this video. Be sure to subscribe because I upload a new
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some of my other videos that I think you’d like. Enjoy!

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