10 Most Unnerving Venoms in Existence

from deadly snakes to answer the cause
extreme pain with their sting here are the ten most unnerving Venom’s in
existence today’s video was requested by super team if you have any other topics
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below number ten inland Taipan one bytes worth
of inland Taipan venom is enough to kill 100 adult men
this creature is simply put the planet’s most toxic snake his venom is also the
most toxic of any reptile when tested on human heart cells the snake is very
agile in its movements and can strike with blinding speed it can deliver
multiple bites in a single attack and because of its outstanding accuracy it
releases venom in almost every case if a bite is left untreated a person may die
within 30 to 45 minutes the inland Taipans venom is perfectly suited to
kill in warm-blooded creatures it’s a deadly cocktail of neurotoxins which
attack the nervous system hemo toxins which affect the blood and Myo toxins
was target the muscles death usually comes in the form of major organ failure
number nine the knowmia caterpillar the larval form of the giant silkworm moths
or the knowmia oblique one is notorious for its venom the caterpillar has caused
hundreds of deaths particularly in southern Brazil his venom is stored in
sacs at the base of each spine as they puncture the victim venom flows through
the hollow bristles and into the wound a major effect on envenomated victims is
something called hemorrhaging syndrome the venom contains anti-clotting agents
that cause massive internal bleeding which spreads throughout the body
victims risk death due to compression and intracranial bleeding before we
continue with our list answer this question why is the stargazer fish known
as the meanest thing in creation a it eats its young B it has a dual attack C
the female eats the male after mating D it hunts other species for sport
let us know what you think in the comment section below and stay tuned to
find out the right answer number eight beasty
although painful in most cases these things are relatively harmless they are
however certain aspects that make them particularly unnerving when a honey bee
stings a human its barbed stinger usually becomes lodged in the victims
skin it then tears loose from the insects abdomen leading to its rather
quick death as the bee injects its venom called a pee toxin it also releases
alarm pheromones if a hive is near by the release will attract them to the
location they will attack the target until it is killed or it flees the
pheromones don’t dissipate quickly even if the victim goes into water the bees
will simply wait for them to get out and resume their attack bee stings are
especially dangerous for people with an insect allergy as they might suffer a
deadly anaphylactic reaction number 7 cone snail CONUS geographus is commonly
known as the cigarette snail it’s said that when stung by this
creature a person only has time to smoke a cigarette before they die indeed some
of the larger cone snail species are very dangerous to humans their venom
contains cola toxins neurotoxic components that target nerve channels or
receptors cone snails have a modified tooth that’s often compared to a dart or
a harpoon people are often tempted to pick up these creatures due to the
bright colors and patterns of their shells this is very risky as the snail
will often fire its barbed harpoon which can penetrate the skin and even pierce
through gloves or wetsuits symptoms of serious and venom Asia may appear
immediately or after a few days they include localized pain vomiting numbness
and tingling these are followed by changes in vision muscle paralysis and
respiratory failure which can lead to death official they will kill you
merchandise is now available at they will kill you calm
some of it is to die for number six warrior wasp commonly known as warrior
wasps members of the seneca genus are notorious for their aggressive behavior
and vicious thing the venom is strong enough to cause hemolytic activity which
basically means that it breaks down red blood cells according to one researcher
this thing feels like being chained inside the flow of an active volcano as
an intruder approaches a nest hundreds of wasps will start drumming inside as a
warning they will then move to the envelope of the nest if the intruder
doesn’t retreat the wasps will attack them the sting of a single wasp is
excruciating but getting attacked by a swarm is unbearable and may even result
in death number 5 blue ringed octopus the blue ringed octopus is arguably one
of the planet’s most terrifying creatures even though its bites a tiny
and often painless the venom that this marine animal produces is incredibly
potent this is due to a compound known as tetrodotoxin which is 1,200 times
more toxic than cyanide a bite may cause nausea respiratory arrest heart failure
and even total paralysis or blindness the victim may be fully aware of their
surroundings but paralyzed and thus unable to call for help death may occur
within minutes and it’s usually due to suffocation as a result of diaphragm
paralysis to make matters worse as of 2019 there’s no blue ringed octopus
anti-venom available number 4 Sydney funnel-web spider attrex robustus also
known as the Sydney funnel-web spider is known as the world’s deadliest spider
with regards to his toxicity towards humans his venom is oddly specific it
doesn’t affect the nervous system of most mammals but it’s highly toxic for
humans and other primates this is due to a unique neurotoxic component called
Delta H raka toxin the venom works by elevating blood pressure to the point
that air sacs in the lungs begin to burst causing Pullman
ridhima initial symptoms are in the form of intense localized pain in about half
an hour the pain is followed by disorientation muscle twitching and
breathing difficulty leading to unconsciousness it’s also worth
mentioning that the spider can strike repeatedly and deliver a full
envenomations due to its large fangs number 3
executioner wasp despite its large size of up to 1.2 inches the executioner wasp
is not a particularly aggressive species yet when it comes to his sting policies
carnufex definitely lives up to the executioner nickname its venom contains
toxins that cause ruptures in blood cells and even tissue necrosis at the
size of the sting YouTube personality coyote Peterson has exposed himself to
stings by the world’s most notoriously pain inducing insects he declared the
executioner as the king of sting described it as the most intense pain
he’d ever felt Peterson described it as a searing
sensation and compared it to having his flesh peeled back his arm was swollen
for nearly a week and he was left with a scar at the site of the bite so why is
the stargazer known as the meanest thing in creation the right answer was B it
has a dual attack this ambush predator has two venomous spines behind its
pectoral fins and some species also possess electric organs this means that
stargazers can deliver both venom and electric shocks which is rather fitting
of the meanest title number two box jellyfish
box jellyfish are known as the world’s most venomous creatures owning stings
that cause extreme pain and even death in humans the most dangerous species are
typically found in the waters of tropical indo-pacific regions chair onyx
flick re also known as the sea wasp is the largest box for jellyfish species
there’s enough venom in a single specimen to kill up to 60 adult humans
the sea wasp tentacles can grow to be roughly 10 feet in length and they’re
covered in millions of cells called sila die sites upon contact the cells explode
to release microscopic venomous darts the sting has been compared to being
branded with a hot iron and if left untreated death can occur in two to five
minutes Irukandji jellyfish are another terrifying box jellyfish species despite
their miniscule size the venom has been described as being 100 times as potent
as that of a cobra and a thousand times stronger than a tarantulas these
jellyfish are known to cause Irukandji syndrome which is described by
excruciating muscle cramps severe back and kidney pain headaches vomiting and
psychological symptoms like the feeling of impending doom number one bullet ant
the Schmidt sting pain index which measures the intensity of pain from
insect stings has a maximum level of 4.0 the only exception in that regard is the
bullet ant which is listed at 4.0 Plus Justin Schmidt the creator of the scale
compared the sting to walking on hot coals with a nail stuck in your heel the
bullet and gets its common name from the fact that being stung reportedly feels
like getting a shot the all-consuming pain can last unabated for up to 24
hours the main component of bullet ant venom is a paralyzing neurotoxin called
Pony Rituxan it blocks synaptic transmission to the central nervous
system or simply put it stops your brain from getting proper signals for the city
or more people of Brazil wearing bullet and gloves is part of a warrior
initiation rite boys put on gloves made out of leaves with roughly 80 bullet
ends woven within the end naturally sedated and positioned with
their stingers facing inward as the ants begin to move again
the boys put on the gloves and keep them on for a full five minutes the
initiation is complete when they have gone through the tormenting process 20
times over the course of months or even years thanks for watching
would you rather wear bullet and gloves or get shot by a small caliber weapon in
a body part of your choosing let us know in the comments section below

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