Бизнес в сёлах и в городе Подъем 500%

Бизнес в сёлах и в городе  Подъем 500%

Product Trading Rise 500% relevant
always people can refuse a lot, but not from food in connection with this many
entrepreneurs consider opening their own business try the grocery store, figure out what you
need to open grocery store, retail food market shareware
the following categories are divided among themselves, shops are small wholesale distribution
networks supermarkets convenience stores, availability
in the first two categories We will not consider stores as large enterprises
implying not only complexes, retail and warehouse but also hundreds of people transport personnel,
and other infrastructure for small businesses it does not fit remains only opening a small
grocery store from third category target audience, the target
audience of such a store employees on the way home are young, people
and pensioners in some cases there may be representatives of the middle,
class, but they most often use the services of supermarkets about buying
in smaller stores only in case of emergency level, of course competition
should not be open a store near the side of a large, supermarket
ceteris paribus 95 percent of buyers will choose a large format
thanks to the assortment our main advantages which, it is necessary
to use the territorial proximity to the customer, focus on everyday
products demand individual work with, a supermarket
buyer and most often located at a considerable distance from each
other which is quite natural for some categories
of citizens, a distance of 1 kilometer already a problem therefore, territorial proximity
will be for them an important argument in choosing a store,
everyday products has property suddenly ends due to a properly selected
assortment you You can attract buyers from other categories
that, because of the small purchases do not want to specifically go to
the supermarket due to personal relationships can significantly increase the number of regular
customers especially pensioners, we don’t recommend
competing with large stores at the expense of lower prices, you
will lose not a small share of profit and rather
just lose all the same low profitability advantage high-turnover stores basic, competition rules
get closer to the buyer, be aware of what and how much
competitors are selling; goods which are not supermarket fresh, bread
greens dairy products provide a decent level of service periodically
arrange promotions and sales, specialize in some narrow niche
choice of premises, as already noted for the opening
grocery store choice of premises, the number one task when choosing a room
rate the following factors closest, supermarket no closer than 1 kilometer availability
residential is better than multi-storey buildings, the need for repairs and its
estimated cost, nearby stops public transport availability, parking space
should be choose based on the scale of the proposed
store, for example, a shop specializing in some kind of narrow
niche fresh farm pastries products you can consider buying a ground
floor apartment with subsequent transfer to non-residential fund,
in any case, for such a business enough retail space of 50, square meters another
10 20 square meters for a warehouse and utility rooms,
if you plan to submit more a wide range of things to look for, a room
with a total area of ​​100 120 squares, possibly freestanding
the average cost of renting retail space is 500 rubles per month for cities
level of Voronezh and Otradnoe, Kazan, Novosibirsk for the state of 2019
years and that should be calculated, the cost of rent at the level of 40, 50 thousand
rubles depending on the area and, location, do not forget that
most likely you will have to make repairs, at least with cosmetic in the shopping
everything should be neat in the hall, it greatly affects the desire to buy something
trading equipment, this is one of the main items of expenditure on
starting such a business, it should be understood that for different
categories of goods, their composition will vary, definitely need
electronic scales display cabinets, cash register for some types
perishable products may require refrigerators freezers
refrigerated display cases in addition to, the room will need to be equipped
fire and security alarm, video surveillance system
In addition, a general sign is necessary, the cost of commercial equipment for
a small grocery store will amount to 50, 100 thousand rubles
can be attracted with a loan for business products the wider the assortment the more
money will be needed to purchase the first batch of goods will almost certainly
have to be purchased at your own expense a medium-sized store may , count a few hundred
items goods in the future when you establish, relationships
with suppliers you you can take part of the goods for sale, for
the initial filling of a small stores may require up to a million rubles
from suppliers, you can choose milk wholesale markets and networks like the metro,
pay particular attention to finding local agricultural producers who, for various reasons,
are poorly represented in large trading networks with them you can negotiate
good conditions and provide buyers fresh and inexpensive products, staff
for small businesses it is preferable to hire sellers with experience in
they must have food stores be able to handle trading, equipment, average
salary seller from 15 to 25 thousand rubles, you
can enter a bonus system for the volume revenues since the behavior of the seller
is highly dependent on the alignment relationships with regular customers
if you expect to open a grocery store working on the principle
self-service then additionally, you need a managing cashier and
security guard the most effective form of advertising
Signs and billboards in the immediate vicinity of the store
for example, near a public stop, transport may be effective
putting up announcements at nearby houses about opening a store and holding
actions in this regard, the main thing is to work out with local residents
the habit of going to your store costs for, display ads are not needed for the primary
advertising you can plan a budget of 20 30 thousand rubles documents for work
store necessary documents, certificate of state registration of LLC or
un, lease of non-residential premises or title to property, a contract for garbage
collection document certifying the list of goods, certificates
for products documents certifying the term for the sale of perishable
products and GPN sanitary books of personnel, other
documents for internal use the exact list needed to open a grocery
check the documents store for compliance with current
legislation, how much you can earn on grocery
the store all depends on your turnover, the store if you take the average
indicators 300 500 buyers a day with an average bill of 200 rubles then a monthly
revenue may reach 3 million rubles with a trade margin of 20 percent
the profit will be 600 thousand rubles, deducting the cost of renting 60,000 salaries
100,000 rubles to staff and other expenses, 5 percent 30 thousand rubles for
a rough estimate of the monthly, net profit of a small grocery
store can reach 400 thousand rubles. Investing is up to you, it can be much cheaper.

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